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FAQ for Tenants

Most frequent questions and answers for our tenants
  • Tenant Application Form signed 
  • Photocopy of passport 
  • Latest 3 months’ bank statement 
  • Reference letter from previous landlord and work/student reference letter
  • Full name, date of birth, nationality 
  • Address history for the last three years 
  • Proof of address – utility bill or bank statement 
  • Income/occupation: details of your income sources and employer 
  • Name of next of kin 
  • Name of previous landlord 
  • Cash available for the deposit – usually up to two months 
  • Cash for the first rental payment 
  • Contact details of someone that can provide a character reference 
  • If not in employment or a student, a guarantor will be necessary 
  • If a student, proof of your student status will be necessary 

Tenants are advised to have their own contents insurance for their personal possessions. These items will not be covered by the Landlord’s insurance policy if the property is broken into or subjected to flooding, fire etc. 

More importantly however, having a tenant’s contents insurance policy will cover the Landlord’s goods against any accidental damage. It will also provide you with Public Liability cover, which is essential should a substantial claim ever be made against you. 

Yes by appointment only, you will be able to book out of office hour viewings if you contact our office. The lettings team will be able to arrange appointment times convenient for you. 

All prospective tenants will need to provide three years address history in order to facilitate referencing via a credit reference agency. Proof of residency and identity will need to be confirmed and your employment will be verified. We do understand that not everyone’s circumstances are the same and we do have procedures in place for overseas students/tenants and self-employed tenants. Our letting team will be able to guide you through the application process should you have any queries.

A guarantor may be requested if your salary was slightly lower or if you obtain a low credit score. If a guarantor is requested they would be referenced in the same manner as a tenant. The guarantor would be liable for the rent on the property and be subject to the same responsibilities as the tenant in relation to the tenancy agreement. No additional administration fee will be required by Letslet if a guarantor is required but referencing the guarantor may require additional fee by referencing agent. 

We will need to be in receipt of cleared funds for the first month’s rent and deposit. The rent and deposit payment should be paid at our office or via a bank transfer with your property details as reference. You will be able to refer to instructions on how to make these payments in your tenant application form. 

Our deposit requirement is usually a month’s rent plus £200. For example, if your rent is £700 per calendar month then the deposit required would be £900. We may ask for an increased deposit in certain circumstances, you will be advised if you fall within this category. 

Tenant has to pay a deposit before they move in, but Not later than the Date of Entry. 

The rent shall be payable monthly in advance by Bank Standing Order payments being due on the day indicated by your contract (the rent payment date), commencing on the Date of Entry. 

Your rent is required to be paid monthly in advance by a standing order that you set up with your bank. This is an easy way to manage your rental payments ensuring that you do not fall into arrears and incur additional charges. 

The tenant becomes responsible for energy bills and council tax from the date of entry and during the tenancy period. Letslet will advise the council of the incoming and outgoing occupier(s). 

No, utility bills are not included within the rental amount. It is tenant’s responsibility to set up the accounts with the service providers on commencement of the tenancy agreement. 

For the avoidance of doubt, there is no entitlement to offset and the Tenant is required to pay the last month’s rent in advance and should not retain it against repayment of the Deposit.The word DEPOSIT is not a synonym for RENT. The security deposit is just to ensure that you will leave the place in the same condition as when you took possession of it allowing for reasonable wear and tear. 

A furnished property should be equipped with basic furniture such as beds, wardrobes, desktops (bedrooms), washing machine, oven, fridge (kitchen) sofas, dining table, chairs (living room), etc.

If there is an issue or item that is faulty in your property, please complete the Contact Form on our website, choose “Property Maintenance” as the message subject and in the message describe the issue giving as much detailed information as possible–this message will be automatically emailed to us. Or, you can call us on 0131 662 6868. 

We will then arrange for the relevant contractor to visit your property to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Not all landlords will allow pets in their properties. Please advise us before booking an appointment to view a property if you have a pet and we will be able to advise you if the landlord will accept pets. The landlord may ask for an increased deposit if they were to allow pets. 

You will need to have contents insurance for your possessions and also for your own peace of mind as it can also protect your deposit against any accidental damage to your landlord contents. Landlords do have buildings insurance to protect against unfortunate events such as fire and flood but this will not cover you should you accidently damage any of landlord’s content. If you do not have contents insurance you are risking more than just your deposit.